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  • Why ChequeFiller?

    How many Cheques do you write in your organization ? Per month, per year.A repeated process wherein it consumes time and error prone and above all frequently unavoidable as Cheque continues to be the handy and reliable mode of payments in business transactions.

    Save you precious time every time you prepare the Cheque. Add reputation by presenting neatly printed cheques, and stand out differently with uniqueness and perfection.

    Other reasons include organizing all your cheque activities like cheque book management, payee management and cheque preparing process all at one place at more economical price.


    Hand-written Using ChequeFiller
     Fill-in time Per Cheque 40 Sec (Apprx.) Less than 30 sec (Apprx.)
     Error-Prone Prone to spelling mistakes. And wastage of cheques No ugly spelling mistakes
     Legibility Less legible in case of poor handwriting Neat & easily readable and legible
     Track past payments Refer manual records in absence of digital info. Available digitally in few clicks, saves time and readily available information
     Post-date reminder Manual reminder required in absence of a system Reminds of your post-dates Cheques with application alerts
     Bulk Cheque handling Tedious and very intimidating, happens frequently if you’re need of regular bulk payments Very simple, saves your precious time. Save more time and often.
     Reputation Good hand-writing a must
    Present neat Cheques to your suppliers and add reputation and favour
  •  What are cheque written for?
    Pay a trade supplier 76%
    Other ad-hoc payments to businesses 50%
    Regular business commitment 45%
    Wages & Salaries 21%
    Refunds to customers 21%
    Employee expenses 17%
     Reasons why businesses use cheques?
    Manage cash flow 36%
    Payee request 29%
    Always used in the past 29%
    Control who can pay 25%
    No payee account details 17%
    Money leaves account slowly 12%
    Must send by post 13%
    Cheaper than other methods 5%
    Payee may not cash cheque 1%


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